KAPSEN brand organized a “plateau line up challenges, China and Pakistan border activities”, the activity of challenge 416 km of road after Gao Fengxue ridge, cliffs, gobi desert grasslands, lakes, canyons, complex landform, from the lowest 1154 meters above sea level climbed to nearly 5000 meters above sea level, the highest plateau in parts of the lowest temperature can reach 30 degrees below zero, air oxygen only half of the plains.The complex terrain and extreme natural environment, such as high temperature and low pressure, is a great test for the safety, comfort, stability and handling of automobile tires.

Because of the ice and snow road this time, each car of the team was equipped with our company’s brand campeson — snow tires with the pattern of AW33 and the specification of 205/55r16, which made the friction greater and the driving smoother.

AW33 series tires

Is a snow tire product specially designed for snow and ice areas, allowing you to indulge in the fun of driving on snow and ice land and slippery road.


(1) asymmetric pattern, provide more grounding area, improve the grip of dry wetlands and ice sharp turn;

(2) 3D ultra-thin groove design with fine tread, improve the grip of snow and ice ground, and ensure the handling and driving performance of snow and ice ground;

(3) more horizontal and a variety of pattern groove cross, can fully absorb water, avoid the generation of water film, and effectively sandwich the formation of snow column, improve snow discharge performance;

The tread anti-low temperature mixing soft rubber formula has a strong grip on the snow and ice, which can guarantee excellent handling performance.

Continuous innovation and quality improvement of the company’s products are inseparable from the support of the research and development technical team, through the continuous efforts of the technical team to achieve the CNAS certification of the central laboratory, with 53 national patents, 8 utility model patents, 45 design patents and 2 invention patents.At the same time, the United States, the European Union, Canada and other countries 20 patents.

KAPSEN snow tires with practice to prove the quality, with the quality of overcoming adversity, believe that the road in the future will have kapsen tires with you.