On Mar 6th 2017,.Guangrao county in shandong province held the opening ceremony of key projects in 2017

The construction started with 46 key projects with a total investment of 26.52 billion yuan, including the 24 million/year high performance semi-steel radial tire project of shandong huasheng rubber co., LTD.

huasheng tire

Huasheng rubber semi-steel tire has a total design capacity of 24 million pieces. Construction started in 2013 and some production lines have been put into operation.

According to introducing, huasheng rubber half steel tire project adopts the way that builds by stages to undertake, the project that this begins to work, it is the new one phase extension project inside its design capacity.

Since this year, the tire project that wide rao county begins newly only huasheng rubber.

huasheng tire and rubber

In 2013, shandong provincial development and reform commission approved a project to support huasheng rubber’s annual output of 24 million high-performance semi-steel radial tires.

Guangrao county leaders attended the opening ceremony of the day.