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“The world tire to see China, China tire to see shandong, shandong tire to see dongying, dongying tire to see guangrao.It is not difficult to see from this sentence, the status and influence of dongying tire in the whole tire industry.More widely known as the “tire city”, here entrenched a large number of strong strength of the tire enterprises.Radial tire production capacity occupies half of shandong province, a quarter of the country’s tires are from guangrao.

In the mid-1990s, guangrao began to develop the tire industry, and a large number of tire enterprises have emerged.The 21st century guangrao tire entered a glorious era, many private enterprises began to invest in the construction of all steel radial tire project.In less than 10 years, guangrao rubber products industry has developed from obscurity into the country’s important radial tire production and export base, as well as the largest rubber industry cluster.

Nearly two years dongying local many tire enterprises have embarked on the road of merger and reorganization, fierce competition within the industry, outside the industry environment is not good, guangrao tire to the survival of the fittest times.Times make heroes, and turbulent markets make powerful companies.At present, guangrao tire production capacity gradually concentrated in a few strong tire enterprises, revolutionary shandong dongying tire new forces are coming to light.And the typical delegate that regards wide rao tire as new force – huasheng tire is soaring into the sky.

huasheng rubber

HUASHENG RUBBER founded in 1995, shandong huasheng tire group is an enterprise group providing rubber products for the global market.Under the jurisdiction of shandong hongsheng rubber co., LTD., shandong huasheng rubber co., LTD., shandong hongsheng rubber technology co., LTD. And Qingdao honghuasheng trade co., LTD., we are respectively committed to the production, scientific research and import and export trade of conveyor belts, commercial tires and passenger tires.

huasheng production line

Huasheng tire main manufacturing equipment are introduced from the world’s leading level of Japan, the United States, Germany and Italy, in the structure design, formula, process, quality control, production management and other aspects have reached the world’s advanced level, the raw material is the use of high-quality becca steel wire, Cabot carbon black and so on.Therefore, huasheng tire’s HABILEAD brand passenger car tires, quiet, low consumption, green and environmental protection, complete specifications are favored by consumers, with an annual production capacity of 24 million sets planned.”Huasheng”, , “taitong”, “KAPSEN”, “TERRAKING”  and other brands of commercial tires are sold in many countries and regions at home and abroad.


Shandong hongsheng rubber technology co., ltd. has its own strong r & d center, coupled with a mature sales team to quickly become a rising star.

Hongsheng rubber currently plans to produce 20,000 pieces per day, which will be increased to 28,000 pieces per day by the end of this year with an annual capacity of about 7.5 million pieces.It has two subordinate brands, HABILEAD and KAPSEN, among which the design concept of HABILEAD is to provide high-performance large-size tire products to meet personalized and high-end car owners’ needs.KAPSEN focuses on environmental protection and energy saving, which is mainly based on the needs of customers in Europe and the Middle East. In the future, it will strengthen cooperation with xingenergy automobile and e-commerce companies.

Hongsheng firmly refused to price competition, has been developing towards the direction of the brand, all products factory all full inspection, three packages of after-sales service to quickly respond to solve the problem, the tire in the insurance company to insure, let consumers buy at ease, with peace of mind.

The great wave toows the sand to begin to see the gold, experiences the wind and rain baptism the wide rao tire, is ushering in the new round of development.Huasheng tire also to “focus on creating high-quality tires, efforts to build domestic first-class, world famous tire brand” as the goal, leading guangrao tire toward the next brilliant forward!