CHINA PCR TYRE PASSENGER CAR TYRE MANUFACTURER SHANDONG HUASHENG RUBBER CO,LTD Can produce more than thirty PCR tyre sizes, more than eighteen tread pattern. Contain UHP tyre,SUV A/T ,SUV M/T, HP tyre,UHP tyre, 4 season tyre,ST tyre, Taxi tyre, Economic tyre, Drifting tyre,Snow and Winter tyre.

can produce full range of truck and bus tyres .covered 45 tread pattern and 34 sizes. Production capacity of TBR tyres 5 millions per year.

According to the using environment,TBR tires divided into three categories

1.MEDIUM/LONG-HAUL TYRES:HS107 HS105 HS258 HS268 HS218 HS106 HS106 HS259 HS109 HS201 HS216 HS205 HS206.

2.SHORT HAUL TYRES: HS918 HS918+ HS228 HS108  HS103  HS102 HS202 HS208 HS928

3.MINING TYRES:HS715 HS725 HS801Q HS718.

According to the tyre position , TBR tires divided into four categories.

1.Drive:HS102 HS103 HS107 HS108 HS202 HS203 HS207 HS208 HS217 HS228 HS715K HS716 HS718 HS725 HS735 HS755 HS801Q HS918 HS928 HS938 HS968 HS978

2.Steer: HS205 HS219 HS258 HS259 HS303

3.Trailer:HS101 HS109 HS201 HS206 HS025

4.All position:HS101 HS106 HS109 HS201 HS206 HS209 HS218 HS268 HS958 .

We choose the best manufacturing equipment in the world , imported from the United States, Germany and Italy. Choose the best quality wire belt and natural rubber. Ensure the reliability and stability of tire quality.

All the tyres got ISO CCC DOT ECE GCC INMETRO NOM SONCAP SASO quality and environmental certificate.

CHINA PCR TYRE PASSENGER CAR TYRE MANUFACTURER SHANDONG HUASHENG RUBBER CO,LTD With excellent quality and low price, Our four major brands: HUASHENG TYRE,KAPSEN TYRE ,TAITONG TYRE  ,TERRAKING TYRE .has been the trust of domestic and foreign customers.