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Middle tire wear

Tire wear in the middle, is also a very heartache thing, a good tire, both sides of the pattern has hardly been worn, but the middle part of the tire crown has been worn flat, can not continue to use, causing economic losses.Many drivers wondered why the middle of the tyre had been worn flat.No matter how you turn, no matter how hard you brake, and no matter what kind of road, the two sides of the tire should be worn, not the middle of the tire should be worn.Actually, the main reason among fetal cap still is because of air pressure, but not because of air pressure inadequacy, because air pressure is too sufficient however be caused by.

If the tire pressure is high enough, the middle part of the tire crown will bulge out, so it will contact the ground in advance. It is like a carpenter planing wood.Tire, too, when the tyre too much between parts of tire crown will jut out (also called the spire jargon) when the tires on the road, the first is the projection of tire crown parts contact with the ground, largest stress, so the wear is the fastest, so, when the tire shoulder part has yet to wear, have flattened out in the middle part of the tire crown, caused the great loss of the tire.

In addition, if the car tire fitting rim is too narrow, will also cause the tire crown in the middle part of the wear.

The standard rim for tyre fitting is 6J, allowing the use of 5 1/2j, so the rim will not affect the crown of the tyre.However, if the wheel roller of 5J is used, that is to say, the wheel silk is used beyond the allowed range of tire design, then, because the rim is too narrow, the tire ring should be indented, thus driving the tire shoulder on both sides of the tire crown to lift, so that the middle part of the tire crown bulges, thus causing the middle part of the tire crown to wear in advance.

In addition, overload will also cause the middle part of the tire crown wear in advance.

So in order to avoid the middle part of the tire crown wear, often check the tire pressure, do not make the tire for a long time under high tire pressure work, avoid using too narrow rim, avoid serious overload.


Tire tread block wear.

Tire tread block wear is not a lot, but it is also encountered this kind of situation is not a lot, so, often make some drivers confused.In fact, the tire tread block wear, mainly because of the tire static imbalance and poor rear tire front.All you have to do is balance the tire and do a little bit of four-wheel positioning or adjust the front of the rear wheel.But when the tire occurs block wear, it is not easy to be found, so to drive buried hidden trouble, so, as a driver should know the tire has this aspect of the fault, in the examination of the tire condition, pay special attention to this aspect of the fault.Once found to solve in a timely manner, and in the future in the driving, to their own tires do know, to avoid unnecessary losses and dangers.


Small part of tread wear quickly

We often hear a familiar and harsh sound, which is the sound of a car braking or starting.We can often see a good tire tread has a small part of the flat, so how this small part of the flat?As you know, it was that rasping sound.

Emergency braking and fast start cause local wear and tear of tire tread. The damage to the tire is very serious.A tire reaching its “retirement age” is not based on its average tread, but on the most damaging part of the tread.That is to say, even if some of the tread of a tire is very new, but as long as one of the tire has been worn to a certain extent, then, in principle, the tire should be replaced and can not continue to use.As mentioned above, the tire in the distance or high speed driving, tire temperature will rise sharply, so that the tire in the critical state of destruction, then the tire such as the injured place, the injured place may be the breakthrough of the tire explosion;Second, because the tire is in a critical condition, at this point, even a small stone or pit will make the tire from the injured place explosion;In addition, because the tire at the moment of braking, the space in the tire will become smaller, making the pressure rise instantly, which also tends to make the tire explode from the injury.So, even if the tread is still very deep, but as long as there is a place has been worn to a certain extent, should be replaced.

Just a simple foot “brake”, in principle to scrap a tire, how should not ah!

There are two kinds of emergency braking. One kind of emergency braking can be avoided.This kind of circumstance basically is because the driver one is to park do not have foresight, 2 it is out of a kind of unhealthy state of mind.Of course, they do not understand the harm of emergency braking to the tire.Therefore, it is hoped that the majority of drivers in the understanding of the harm of emergency braking to the tire, in the future driving career as far as possible to avoid the emergency “brake”.

The other is emergency braking in case of unexpected circumstances, such as the sudden appearance of a pedestrian, the forced turning of a cyclist, the unreasonable merger of peers and so on.The urgent “brake” below these circumstance is inevitable, but can reduce however, that is when driving at ordinary times, should develop a kind of medium speed drive, the good habit of safety comity, can reduce the number of emergency brake already so, also can reduce the degree of emergency brake.

Compared with emergency braking, what should not happen is a fast start.We often see some driving sports car or young friends, when driving start, hard refueling, make the tire idling, friction with the ground, this will bring harm to the tire, should try to avoid.

Sometimes nasty “brake” or a quick start to tire the damage may not be great, for example, just grinding wheel tread flat piece, but haven’t reached should change the tags, but was hurt by a piece of smooth would like cannot restore “flat spot”, in your driving in tyre surface uneven, cause tire “luo stare, luo stare” sound, and affect the ride comfort of vehicle.Of course, if you are unlucky enough to hit a sharp object right where the tire was worn, you are more likely to get a puncture.

Therefore, as an excellent driver, should be early force to avoid emergency braking, prevent rapid start.


Half tire wear quickly

One half of a tire wears out faster and the other half wears out slower.

The half surface of the tire wear phenomenon is not a lot, but it is also great damage to the tire.It not only makes the tire scrapped ahead of schedule, causing economic losses, and, because half surface wear, destroyed the original characteristics of the tire – round, therefore, driving is very uncomfortable.

So, what is the cause of the tire half wear?This phenomenon also confused a lot of drivers, some drivers even doubt the quality of the tire is not a problem.Actually, causes the tire half surface to wear the reason mainly to the following two points: one is the tire and the wheel eccentric;Second, the wheel and shaft eccentric or bending.Therefore, once you find your tire half wear, should be timely to the repair shop for adjustment, so as not to cause greater loss.


Tyre polygonal wear

Tyre polygonal wear is one of the common faults of tyres.Once the polygonal tire wear, just like the vehicle on the gravel road, constantly bumpy and jumping, making the driver and riders feel very uncomfortable.

Tire polygonal wear is mainly caused by other parts on the vehicle, as long as the adjustment or replacement of parts, you can “cure”.The main reasons are as follows: wheels and tires eccentric or bending;Hub and shaft eccentric or bent;Bearings and steering pins are loose.


Tire deformation

Some tires use after a period of time, the tread will be out of shape, the entire tire from the outside look like being “screwed” the same.This situation is rarely due to the quality of the tire, such as the steel band hoop is not tight, tread glue and belt belt layer or the steel belt layer adhesion is not firm and other reasons.The main reason for this situation is that the tire in the case of low pressure long distance high-speed driving, so that the tire shoulder heat, resulting in tire crown peel, after the crown peel, when the tire in a sharp turn and meet the convex concave road or impact of hard objects, will lead to the belt belt layer or steel belt layer dislocation.Causes the tire body to be deformed.Sometimes, the tire shoulder force is too strong (such as sidecar collision road teeth) also can cause because of belt belt layer or steel belt layer dislocation and deformation.

After the tire tire deformation, although the tire did not burst from the outside, but no matter from the point of view of comfort or safety should not continue to use.Because of the deformation of the tire, in fact, the inner structure of the tire has been destroyed, as a person suffered internal injuries, from the outside did not see the blood, but in fact has been very serious.This kind of deformed tyre is very accident prone and should be replaced immediately.


Corrugated tyre wear

The concave and convex wear of the tire is not frequent, but it is also one of the tire faults.Because it doesn’t happen often, many drivers don’t know what causes it.

The occurrence of concave and convex wear is mainly caused by the dynamic imbalance of the tire and the poor front beam of the rear wheel.This fault can be eliminated by balancing the tyre and doing some four-wheel positioning and adjustment.


Flat point of tire

On a winter morning, when the car has just started, there is sometimes a slight tremor, which is caused by the use of nylon cord as the tire body.Nylon is not stable to heat. When the winter temperature is too low, nylon will lose its softness, and parking for a long time in a low temperature will cause the grounding part of the tire skeleton — the nylon cord — to deform, forming a “flat point”.

There’s another situation that can cause a flat point.That’s stopping at high speeds for long distances, and when the temperature of the tire drops, the contact part between the tire and the ground flattens out.

After the tire occurs “flat point”, it is very easy to produce partial wear phenomenon, therefore, should try to avoid.Some cars if not for a long time, it is best to make the tire off the ground, so as not to occur “flat point” phenomenon.


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